Breastfeeding: A Winning Goal for Life

August 2, 2014 Breast FeedingGeneral Baby Stuff

breast feedingIn line with the theme and objectives of the International Breastfeeding Week 2014, The Ministry of Health h has declared the week from 1st – 7th August 2014 as the National Breastfeeding Week in Sri Lanka.

by Prof. C. Randeniya

Historical Perspectives
In early human development when men and women were nude, those nude mothers used to carry their babies and feed them inside their community without fear, shame and with pride and attachment to their offspring which strengthens the bond between mother and her daughters and sons. So a child’s love to the mother is an instinct which is bound to the genes, generations and community.

D.H. Laurence who has done nudity and human behavior studies who visited Kandy Perahara long time ago commented that he

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Why I’m happy I continued to breastfeed my child

May 29, 2014 Babies and FoodBreast FeedingGeneral Baby StuffParenting

cradle_holdI've heard never ending rants from my friends who are mothers or not - "Still feeding the baby?", "Now for how long?"

But again its a culturally divided scenario. More traditional homes would say its a blessing that you give your child breast milk for up to two years or more. There are actually mums who cannot feed due to medical conditions or hormone problems that keep their bodies from producing breast milk.

Here are some personal reasons for continuing to breast feed. I'm sure there are mums out there who would agree with me;

1. It keeps your child free from allergies : The natural elements in your breastmilk keep baby free from most colds, flues and help your baby to be healthier in the long run.

2. Its cost effective: It doesn't cost

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The Ugly Side of Pregnancy in Sri Lanka

January 10, 2014 General Baby StuffParenting

pregnancyGeneral society in Sri Lanka would think that pregnancy is a beautiful experience for all mothers. Even though its a wonderful experience that most fortunate parents are blessed with, in fact it can be a very difficult and challenging time for most mothers.

Physical changes
Hormone changes will affect most mothers, and though some mothers become beautiful others have the harsher side like outbreaks of achne, bloating in the face and body (not linked to hypertension), swollen feet, stretch marks and pigmentation of the skin.

All these however are limited to pregnancy, and fade away almost immediately after the baby is born. It is important to understand beauty care during pregnancy needs to be dealt with caution.

Emotional roller coaster

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Top 4 work options for stay at home mums

December 17, 2013 Parenting

working_fromhomeTeaching / tutoring: Sri Lankan parents are increasingly becoming concerned about their children’s education. Nowadays children depend on tuition classes to cover their syllabuses than going to school. Therefore, tuition teachers are at demand. This is an area where you can earn an extra income while being at home without much hassle. You can select a subject according to your skills. It can be English, Mathematics or teach an instrument such as piano. You can fix classes according to your convenience. First, start with few students on personal basis and grow later with word-of-mouth.

Freelance Business: You may have fabulous creative powers in numerous fields such as dress designing, sowing, decorating cakes, photography, painting, writing etc. Use

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Teaching from Home for Stay at Home Mums

November 17, 2013 Parenting

working_womanStay at home moms have many options to earn some extra money nowadays while taking care of their own children. Teaching or tutoring is one of the easiest and a more lucrative option since education in Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly competitive. Children start going for private classes at a very young age and as a result tutoring is ever growing with demand. Since majority of Sri Lankan women are now exposed to higher education in some way, they are better placed in taking tutoring to earn a living.

If you have any interest in giving it a try, this article will be of use to you to gather some tips since it needs a bit of thinking and planning for better approach. Following points will help your tasks easier.

Tutoring is a broad area with a variety of options and as result you may

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Earn with Catering – for Stay at Home Mums

October 17, 2013 Parenting

baking_baking_fromhomePreparing food at home is part and parcel in housewives’ daily routine. Cooking is fun, even at home, if you really try to do different things without sticking into the same menu. You can give your husbands and children a surprise with new items that you try. If you are such a person with passion in cooking, it is most likely that you can take catering as a side business to earn some extra money while being at home.

There are a few things that you need to look at before getting into this business. Following points will help you take the first step if you have been thinking about it for a while.

Think about what you are going to prepare…
- First, you will have to do a self evaluation about your cooking. See how good you are at it, how good you are in trying new

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Start a salon at home to earn extra

September 17, 2013 Parenting

salon_fromhomeFashion and beauty are increasingly at demand at present. All, regardless of gender and age, are concerned about their looks and beauty. Those days it was females who paid attention on beauty. But, now there are fashion and beauty conscious males who are going to salons to keep their looks up. Even housewives who are not working would be interested in getting their eye-brows done at least.

All of this happened due to increased media exposures, mainly due to television programs and internet. You are connected with the world’s latest fashion and beauty through media. This increased awareness creates interest in people to become more beauty and fashion oriented.

So, getting into beauty business will not be a bad idea at all. Check-in for the following to see how suitable you are to

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Freelance Business for Stay at Home Mums

August 17, 2013 Parenting

working_womanSri Lankan women are very talented. They have many hidden talents within themselves. However after a while they start ignoring themselves. Especially after marriage and having kids, they stop hobbies that they did so passionately to keep their free time well occupied. They give up on things that they learnt to groom their talents.

Well, with marriage you may tend to change your life purpose. Your family becomes everything. But, still don’t let your talents dry down. It will be a waste. Instead, use them wisely to make a living while being at home. You can be proud of yourself and about your talents. More than anything else, you can help your partner in a better way to bring your family income up.

How can you go about doing this? Read on to see what you can do and how you can

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Taking care of a newborn- Tips for new dads

July 15, 2013 Baby DevelopmentsParenting

992546_bondingParents to be are equally excited of welcoming a new member to the family. they work together planning the whole transformation out and look every minute detail that needs to be looked at when bringing up a baby.

However, when the baby finally arrives the mother is the one that is mostly on action and the dad, I should say, is quite at a loss because they don't really know how they could be any help other than financially supporting the family.

So, I thought of doing this article on stuff that new dads could try out to be a little more that the food supplier in the family and enjoy the new experience.

When I spoke to most dads about their first experience they said that they didn't feel like getting involved because they didn't know what to do and feared that something could go

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3 Reasons to Stop Comparing Babies

July 11, 2013 Baby DevelopmentsParenting

happy_babyIt will always happen, and in what ever culture be it in Sri Lanka or in another planet parents will continue to compare their baby to other babies. Though they will always think that their baby looks better than other babies, they might think otherwise in terms of development.

So why should this norm stop? Here are 3 reasons for you to think about.

1. Babies develop at different paces

Though there are development milestones for babies according to different ages some are just slow compared to others. Often parents worry when their child does not speak while a neighbour's baby the same age does. It comes down to accepting that each baby is different and will develop differently.

If you are concerned about a certain development, you should speak to your doctor

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